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Research Centers


Undergraduate research is a rewarding experience which complements classroom learning and prepares students for higher degrees and future career opportunities.  CONNEX promotes research to enhance undergraduate education by assisting students in finding research opportunities at OSU.


Directed Study

International Degree and Education Abroad provides students with the chance to travel internationally to pursue individualized directed study. This can take the form of specific individualized study overseas or, more often, a research project. 



Gives undergraduates the opportunity to work with faculty mentors on research projects that advance knowledge and understanding of old-growth forests, streams, and other native ecosystems.


The Ernest and Pauline Jaworski Fund for Summer Research Experiences for Underserved Undergraduates in Plant Science

Ernest and Pauline Jaworski have established the Ernest and Pauline Jaworski Fund for Summer Research Experiences for Underserved Undergraduates in Plant Science through the Oregon State University Foundation.  The fund is established in recognition of their strong interest in plant biology and their interest in providing opportunities to encourage students to pursue careers in the plant sciences.


Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) (Marine Science Internships in Oregon)

Come and explore the Oregon coast!  Opportunities for students include the areas of Geophysics, Physical Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Biology and Ecology, Marine Geology, Estuarine Ecology, Biogeochemistry, and many others.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

HHMI provides grants to universities and professors to be used for the funding of undergraduate research in the sciences.  Grants vary in amount and are intended to promote student research alongside faculty at their college or university.


LIFE Scholars Summer Research Program

The LIFE Scholars Program is intended to enable undergraduate students to initiate a scholarly project in the field of aging with Center faculty.


Oregon Sea Grant

Oregon Sea Grant regularly offers graduate and undergraduate fellowships and occasional internships, as funding is available. We also accept and screen applicants for a number of fellowships offered through the National Sea Grant office.

Subsurface Biosphere Initiative (SBI)

The Subsurface Biosphere Initiative (SBI) supports a summer undergraduate internship program. Its goal is to provide undergraduates with rewarding research experiences at Oregon State University that will stimulate their interest in the subsurface biosphere and encourage them to pursue graduate studies. The program focuses on, but is not limited to, under-represented minority and women students.


Study of the U.S.- Institute for the Environment (SUSIE)

An opportunity for students in other countires to research at Oregon State University that focuses on "water in environmental sciences, public health, engineering, policy and governance" so that they may take the knowledge back home.



 The purpose of this program is to provide the opportunity and support for full time undergraduate students to actively take part in faculty research projects within the College of Health & Human Sciences.  "Research" in this case is broadly defined to reflect all forms of scholarship. Research ranges from 'bench' science to more applied social science.




URISC is a Research Office program that supports OSU undergraduate research activities.  The URISC Fund is intended to enable undergraduate students to initiate a scholarly relationship with faculty early in their academic careers. Faculty mentors are expected to assume financial responsibility for student research activities if they continue beyond the initial URISC sponsorship.


Wave Research Lab REU

Drawing on a collaboration of coastal engineering, physical oceanography, and computer science, researching the wave lab is an exciting way to spend your summer and help research coastal processes and disasters.