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Creative Arts Research & Funding

 Euro Scholars

Students choose from a variety of research topics located on the Euro Scholars website carry out a semester long project at the location where the research is being conducted (1 of 12 partner university in Europe.  Areas of study include the arts and humanities, medicine, life sciences, law, economics and politics. This program is designed as an exchanges program and students are required to cover their own costs and tuition.


Smithsonian Institute – Student Fellowships

Minority Internships
These internships are for minority students who are interested in the museum field.  Internships are 10 weeks and students are given a stipend of $500 per week.

Native American Internships
These internships are offered to Native American students who are interested in research projects related to Native American history.  Students are supervised by Smithsonian staff and receive a stipend of $500 per week during the ten week program.

In addition to these to internships the Smithsonian also offers numerous internships related contemporary social issues, American art, and anthropology (see the link below for additional information).


Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)

The MET offers an array of scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate students who are interested in curatorial, education, conservation, administration or library fields.


Greater SW Historical Museum

The SW Historical Museums offers a summer internship for undergraduates who are interested in preserving and interpreting the history and culture of the southwest. Students will assist the curator in cataloguing the Museum’s collections and will be given a $3000 stipend for their work.