Online Services & MyOSU

Online Services or MyOSU provides registration & degree progress tracking tools, the ability to manage your personal information, and access to your student records.

How do I access Online Services or MyOSU?

You may login to Online Services or MyOSU for the first time using your student identification number and GAP (general access PIN). The GAP is initially your date of birth (mmddyy). Upon your initial login you will be prompted to change your GAP to another six digit number known only to you. Do not share this number with anyone. You will also be directed to establish a question and answer to be used to reset your GAP should you forget it.

After establishing your GAP number you then login to the ONID email system using your student ID and GAP number. Here you will establish your ONID username and password. Once your ONID username and password are established use those credentials to login to Online Services and MyOSU.

What is available to me in Online Services or MyOSU?

Online Services and MyOSU permit you to conduct much of your business with the university. From Online Services or MyOSU you may add/drop/withdraw courses, update your current mailing address, view unofficial transcripts, order official transcripts, view & pay your bill, and review financial aid information.

For a detailed tour of Online Services view the Online Services Login & Menu Tour listed in the video tutorials page.