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Student Life Assistance for Faculty, Staff, and Advisor

What is Student Life assistance?

Student Life assistance is a service in the Office of the Dean of Student Life delivered by a group of OSU professionals known as the Student Life Assistance Team. The service helps faculty, staff, and advisors navigate the non-academic student issues they may encounter. Many students face difficult times during college; unexpected life events, personal crises, mental health struggles, academic difficulties are examples of challenges that can interfere with college success and often faculty, staff, and advisors benefit from consultation and support of the SL Assistance Team.

SL Assistance is designed to help faculty, staff, and advisors:

  • Verify situation-applicable Oregon State University policies and procedures
  • Access referrals for non-academic student matters/emergencies
  • Navigate processes for resolving concerns and grievances

Who can obtain student-related assistance?

All faculty, staff, and advisors are welcome to connect with the SL Assistance Team.

When can faculty, staff, and advisors obtain assistance?

Faculty, staff, and advisors may request assistance at any time by calling the Office of the Dean of Student Life at 541-737-8748 and selecting option 3. Calls will be returned within 24 hours during weekdays. For matters related to safety or medical emergency select option 0 to reach OSU’s Public Safety dispatcher or direct dial 911.

How do faculty, staff, and advisors obtain assistance?

Phone: 541-737-8748, select option 3

Web: http://oregonstate.edu/deanofstudents/faculty/slfassistance

Email: SLAssistance@oregonstate.edu

Walk in: A200 Kerr or B009 Kerr

About Emergency and Non-Emergency Notifications to Instructors

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